Personal Insurance

Life Insurance

Protect your loved ones in case of death by having a life insurance to cover all your debts. Transfer them your assets debt free.

Income Replacement

Protect your income in case of disability to maintain the same lifestyle during your recovery period.

Mortgage Insurance

Your home is probably one of your most important assets, and that's why it's important to cover it with mortgage insurance.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance helps pay the costs associated with a disease that would disrupt your life.

Health Insurance

In need of a health insurance that covers drugs, dental and glasses? No problem, just contact one of our specialists.

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Specialized insurance

Downtime Protection

If you have an accident with your truck or the truck breaks down, there will definitely be a loss. The good news is that you can cover this loss with insurance in case of downtime.

Deductible Buy Down

Do you find that the deductible on your truck insurance is too high? No problem, it is possible to insure this amount with the deductible buy down insurance that will allow you to reduce the amount you will have to pay to the insurer in the event of a road accident.

Trucker's Program

Looking for a complete trucker program? If so, we have a program that will allow you to protect yourself in case of disability, death, critical illness and we also have something for your truck.

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Savings & Investments


The Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a personal savings plan for your retirement.


The Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered plan that allows you to save for retirement or any other project with tax free interest or withdrawal.


The smart way to save for a child's education through access to a wide range of eligible RESP investments.


Guaranteed Investment Certicates allow your portfolio to benefit from a guaranteed growth and give you the assurance that your money is not at risk.

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